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North American Model Thoroughbred Owners' and Breeders' Association

NAMTOBA members' sire/dam listings

Note: lists may not be current so be sure to check with the horse's owner about mares' available years, etc.  Make breeding requests directly to the individual member and remember to read each person's breeding rules/restrictions/etc closely.

Member lists online


Bellhaven Racing - Alicia Schafroth

Nice Racing Stables - Lisa Nice

Windy Plains - Amanda Selby


Gestut Northgate, Germany - Amanda Selby

Northgate Stud, Ireland - Amanda Selby


       Haras du Llanuras Ventosas- Amanda Selby

Southgate Stud, Australia - Amanda Selby


Member lists hosted here


Clear Light Farm  - Alia Whipple

Clear Light Farm OF - Alia Whipple

Double King Farm - Elizabeth Wehnert

Hickory Creek Farm - Kristen Birch

Trinity Knot Stables - Beth Elliot


Haras Fleuvent - Alia Whipple

Sn Rygg - Kristen Birch

Southern Hemisphere

Sunset Cove AUS - Kristen Birch



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